All reviews are absolute genuine and transfered from my previous website, or sent to me by email or text.

 "Once again, thank you so much Billy for your expert guidance, patience and of course all the laughs.

it's been a pleasure being trapped in a vehicle with you, living life on the edge.

See you on the road. :)


"Billy is the best instructor, so patient, calm and pay such attention to detail, to really ensure you are ready for the test".                                             "I passed first time and I know this is thanks to Billy being my instructor.

I highly recommend him!"


"Billy is the best driving instructor one can ask for.

He made driving so fun and relaxing. I was looking forward to every driving lesson. Always filled with laughters and conversations, which really helps relax an anxious learner.

When you make a mistake, instead of shouting and reprimanding, he'll correct you nicely.

Billy was really motivating and made me feel confident when driving. Perfect for drivers who are anxious as he is very calm.

Can't say enough how great and amazing this driving instructor is.

Best choice I've ever made."

Becky Wong

 "Thank you Billy, Passed first time. Billy is the only instructor I learnt with, from lesson one I knew I would get on with him. Very friendly, calm and funny. Always on time and flexible with hours, will recommend him to       friends and family." Iwona 

 "Highly recommend, I have really enjoyed my driving experience with Billy.

I recently passed my test with Billy, having tried various instructors in the past.

I have found him incredible reliable and honest, which really helped me focus and ensure I passed my test.

He genuinely cares about his students and iI would recommend him to anyone."


 "My whole family passed with Billy, highly recommend him,

best instructor." Tehmoor

 "Best instructor ever! 

Needed to get my driving permit 

quick. As a single mum I had to learn to drive in a short space of  time!

With Billy we focused on my challenges and got my permit in

promptly. He was patient and kind.....and when you follow his 

instructing.....You'll be confident very quickly."

Annet Barry

 "Highly recommend Billy, I passed first time with 30 hours of driving. He was very patient with me and made learning to drive a fun experience."


 "Best instructor ever!

Billy was an amazing instructor, 

patient, calm and very thorough.

He was always on time, and we both felt very comfortable around him.

We will definitely recommend him to all our friends."

"We both passed our tests first time."

"Thank You  Billy." 

Miral and Majeed

 "First Class Instructor!

Billy was the best instructor.

He is kind, patient and clear so I always felt at ease, comfortable and safe driving with him.

He was so great at teaching the technical skills as well as helping me boost my confidence behind the wheel.

He is the most reliable instructor and extremely pleasant company. I enjoyed every single lesson and would recommend Billy to all my friends and family."


 "Best Instructor ever, Passed first time within two months of learning to drive."


 "Strongly recommended!

I would like to thank you Billy again for helping me Passing my exam!

He is an excellent instructor, very professional , experienced and friendly at the same time.

I would definitely recommend Billy to anyone!"


 "Pass easily with Billy. 

Billy is a very talented and friendly instructor.

He can work flexible with your time table and can teach you how to drive well so that you can pass easily and be confident to drive once you start driving on your own. 5 out of 5 stars."

Junaed Khan

Absolutely recommend Billy, the instructor is so friendly and you

will have a lot of fun learning with him.

He is a practical person, always spotting on your issues and finding interesting ways to improve them,

very efficiently and enjjoyable.


"Hello New Drivers!"

 "Here is a man taller than other driving instructors i know.

In physical apperance  he is average man, who does'nt that tall, neither short but his skills in teaching driving and his attitude as a driving instructor is taller than other driving instructors.

When  I came to him first time, he sympathetically listened to me, asked me a few questions then expecting me to demonstrate practically what I told him, he gave me the key of the car and told me to drive it off. After I have been driving nearly an hour he instructed me to park it and then when I did what I have been told to do, consulting with his notes he told me the number of lessons I need to take and the skills I need to learn before I can take my driving test.

From that moment he began showing me and I did my best to follow his instructions.

As days go by and the time had come. He gave me the last rehearsal  and took me to the test centre.

Bit jumpy but confident the skills he thought me the test started at midday and the result was a big smile and ecstasy I couldn't conceal from others to notice.

My fellow want-to-be drivers, forgive me if I talked a lot, however one more thing I did not mention about Billy is that he is more pragmatic than waffling through irrelevant stuff.

He jumps to the point and would show you exactly what to do.

Good luck!!"

Omar Dini

 "Billy is a personable teacher, who can tailor a proffessional advice on any level and confidence. 

I have taken an refresher course during Christmas. Thanks to his 

constructive criticism, calm and steady approach, I have fast forward my confidence level to where I needed to be. ( I have not driven for 13 years, and on the opposite side than the UK).

I would without hesitance recommend Billy to any aspiring motorist in London." Tamara                  

 "Billy was a great instructor, he was professional, patient and made me feel comfortable with learning to drive in London."

"Would happily recommend him."


 "I passed first time! I was recommended to Billy by a friend of mine who passed his test through him.

I had five weeks before my practical and started taking lessons with Billy. I did 10 hours in total and passed my test first try.

I couldn't be more happier and I owe it all to Billy.

I was surprised how much passion he had for teaching even though he has been doing this for so long now. Billy is very firm and patient and you will learn a lot with him from start to finish of each lesson.

Oh, and he is very punctual, so dont be late!!!

Keep up the good work Billy."


 "Very recommended Instructor!

I passed my test the first time..

This should say everything about Billy. I took a few lessons from Billy and he said I was ready.

He wont make you take more lessons unnecessarily.

Very professional , always on time, friendly and he has a good sense of humour too.

If you made a mistake, he will make you practice that until you get it right.

Recommended, 5 stars for You.

Thank You!"


 "My time learning with Billy was brilliant and I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

He was very calm and patient.

But when necessary he would push me to the limit of my ability, which ended up making me learn a lot quicker.

I passed my practcal test. I was very nervous but i knew Billy would help me along the way.

To be honest I was very scared that I wouldn't pass, but it shows how great he is.

Also he is very funny and friend instructor and i would recommend him to anyone."


 "Passed first time!

Billy is a great instructor and easy to get on with.

He always turn up on time and is very patient and calm throughout the lessons.

He also gives honest feedback so that you know what you need to improve on.

Thank you Billy."


I just wanted to say thank you, for all your lessons.

you were a great instructor - always made me feel at ease when driving.

So thanks again and luckily I passed.

Hopefully see you around. Max


Billy is an excellent instructor, whose training is right on the money.

His pragmatic, yet thorough approach saw me through in a very few lessons.

Billy is professional yet friendly.

Thanks to Billy, passing my test felt like a Walk in the park.

I would highly recommend  Billy to every aspiring driver.

-- Zubin

We already held driving lincenses

issued in another country, but we wanted Billy to prepare us for the strict UK driving test.

He was very patient and calm and helped us to improve our skills, get rid of bad driving habits and pass the exam.

Igor & Mariia

 "This review is long overdue as I passed my test early in the year, but Billy is not one of those instructors whose contribution you 

would forget easily , so finally here it is.

I was learning with another instructor before taking lessons with Billy and having done around 14-15 classes there was not much progress or learning and no idea when I would be able to do a test.

So I decided to change!

Very good decision it proved to be as learning with Billy was a successful and very enjoyable experience.

He doesn't  give you just step by step instructions but also explains the sense behind each movement

so you learn how to correct your mistakes if you dont do things right the first time.

He is very calm, lessons were all well paced and most importantly he instills confidence in the learner. He doesn't boggle you with theories but demos things practically or on a diagram if needed.

He is punctual and learning with him is a great fun experience!

Will recommend him to everyone."


 "Billy was a fantastic driving instructor, always punctual for lesson. He is very friendly and 

patient and made me feel very

comfortable. I passed my test first time and I will recommend 

his services to anyone wishing 

to learn to drive."


 "Billy is a great guy and an excellent instructor, would highly recommend him, he really knows what he is doing.

He is extremely patient too, you wont be dissapointed."

John Rodriguez

 "Billy was always friendly and easy to talk with. Great for keeping you calm, as you learn too drive and is always on time for classes. Under his tutoring I passed my test first time round and would highly recommend him."


 "It was such a pleasure to drive with Independence.                      My instructor Billy, has taught me to drive in a sequential order from start to finish, in a professional manner.

His experience as an instructor has helped me to make constant progress and boost my confidence in a short space of time.

I really enjoyed the lessons and Thank you Billy."



 "I would highly recommend Billy.

His methods of teaching were excellent and my whole learning experience felt very, very positive.

Thank's to Billy I went into my driving test feeling very confident and Passed first time.

Thank you Billy."


 "Billy Svensson is one of  London's finest instructors. Billy is calming, reassuring and most importantly encouraging teacher.

His methods of teaching put me at ease and got me to pass on my first attempt and after only 8

two hour lessons!"

Thanks Billy

 "I took  lessons with him and passed my test last week.

I definitely recommend to those looking for an instructor, to go with Billy

Best wishes."


 "I felt very safe and confident driving throughout the lessons.

He was calm and reassuring when I made mistakes and I felt that had a big part in why i passed first time around,  because I could keep myself calm and knew what to do when I made a fault, the lessons were well paced and challenging. 

By the time it came to my test I felt very confident with what I learnt from Billy."


 "Safe friendly welcoming instructor!

Billy was my best instructor. Billy thought me everything I need to know in details.

Billy was so very kind and understanding, he was very friendly and welcoming.

He is funny and bubbly.

I could learn my drivng with Billy 

forever confident.

I will introduce Billy to anyone and everyone.

I wish Billy with all my heart for the best for his future.

I thank him for everything he did to teach and support my driving.

Many, many Thanks."

Best wishes!


Hi Billy. Just wanted to say thank you again for being patient with me and helping me get the confidence to pass on Thursday.

I drove on my own today for the first time and felt both safe and confident.

Thanks G

Highly Recommended!!!

Billy was a very good communicator aswell as being friendly, patient and encouraging.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and he had me completely prepared for my driving test which i passed first time.

what more can you ask from your driving instructor?